Lately I have gotten myself into serious trouble. First I ended up as a messy looking dog in an overcrowded shelter. Not being a pushover when scared - for good reason - I was not considered "adoptable" as is, so I was shipped off to this here terrier boot camp. I was actually quite well behaved, and I get along well with  other dogs which gave me a big plus value.  But then I was taken to a vet, and when he grabbed me from behind and below to check for a possible undescended you know-what, I turned and bit his hand real bad! Can you really blame me for that.  Anyway, plan B at that point was to not let me wake up. Thank god plan A was selected, and I am still here, minus of course certain attributes I can live without. 

I am fiercely housetrained! Will raise hell if I have to go outside. ON my outdoor walks  quickly and efficiently take care of business, then check out some shrubs, smell the grass , and then head  straight back to the house.  don't think I would ever run away, I stay close to the person one the other end of the leash. 

My coat was pretty unusable, all knotted, but with combing - which I do like! - and some clipping, it is growing back and should be thick and full in time.

I know I cannot go to a home with children or with owners who have a lot of guests over and don't ask them to keep their hands off me when they first meet me. I am still touchy in that respect, scared to be exact.

But I know my person is out there. Who likes me not only because I am so darn cute -or dontcha think I am? but who also appreciates my personality. I have lots of that!

I am 3-4 years old and supposed to be a Westie mix, a "designer breed" . 

Looking for a smart, funny and straight forward dog? Abe, Honest Abe!

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Drama King?

Abe - running for high Office -ha-ha-ha-ha-ha  - or just yawning?






























We rarely if ever place our foster dogs into families with FULLTIME children under 6. Even the most dog experienced parents of respectful small children may become concerned when a dog  growls in the presence of a child and will prefer to remove a potential risk.  Because all of our foster dogs are "second hand" dogs,  experience has taught us not to take any chances. Why not label them with the "no children" sign on the Petfinder database?   Because even potential adopters without small children may associate the "red flag"       with a "bite history"  They  may  not even have a look at a dog who could be a good match for them.

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