Aberdeen August 20011.

Aberdeen was adopted in July 2009. Her mom kept her on monthly oral Ivermectin, with her veterinarian's approval. Her annual heartworm test was NEGATIVE!!



Adopted - living in Boston

I was born in the South.  Where dogs are often allowed to roam free even if they "belong" to a family. Many end up killed by cars on the road. Almost all create litters of pups every few months. Entire litters of those pups , when they start to grow and eat too much, are abandoned at shelters.  So I was one of the lucky ones. Animal Control rounded me up one day and took me to the pound. I had been at the pound once before, was adopted locally, but ran away and was picked up by Animal Control a 2nd time a few weeks later. Local dog lovers take photos of the pound dogs and post them all over the Yahoo rescue boards.  There are good homes for us further north!

I am a girl, spayed, about a year and a half old. 45 lbs. When I was at the shelter the first time, I tested negative for heart worm, but when I ended up at Animal Control the 2nd time, the heart worm test was positive. That means I only have immature heart worms - adults take months to develop. So all I need is to be on monthly heart worm prevention all year round..

I am already housetrained. I still have some residual puppy mischief,  but when I don't get away with it,  I will never do it a second time. Like biting into a fluffy pillow to see what the stuffing looks like.  When I meet other dogs, my tail, or actually my entire rear end, is in constant motion. I love other dogs. Cats don't interest me.

Lately I am allowed to run off leash!  I come when called, any name!  run in big circles and come right back when called. Check out the river, but only from the safe river bank, would not want to get my feet too wet..  Also, I am starting to walk better on leash. 

So do I sound too boring? No issues to speak of. Just a plain nice dog.

Could I be your dog?

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