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Need for Speed! I get all wound up when I see fast movement, such a car driving by.  I would love to run and chase it down...  But because I am held back by that 100 foot leash, the next best thing is to race  without chasing anything in particular. When I meet obstacles such as shrubs or trees, I run circles around it, until someone untangles me. Then off to the race again. Eventually I do get tired. Maybe because I am past the  puppy stage -  I reached the age of 3-  which in terrier years is a long way to being adult.  Terriers usually don't become adults until they 8 years old. And go figure, some people call us "seniors" at age 8.

In this here foster home - terrier boot camp I am on high security "escape watch".  Actually, I would probably come back should I manage to escape, but maybe not in one piece... Of course I could jump fences under 5 foot high and jump off any deck.  It is not that I don't like it here. I do, and I am happy and eager to get back into the house after the outdoor race. 

I jump for and run after balls. But I never bring them back, will have to learn that. Talk about learning: I think if I had a person with the inclination and the time to take me for agility training! I would shine! 

 Lately I have a special spot right at the window from where I can watch the cars driving by  in the distance. And it seems that has calmed me down, it gets to be routine, and I no longer get all worked up when I see it!   

Maybe in a few years I will be less fascinated by "movable feast" and settle down. Until then I need to live in a "terrier proof" home,  and that includes a condo or apartment. I am reliably house trained and also crate trained and actually prefer to sleep and retreat into my crate when I am not busy.  Not that I get tired... just recharging my battery.

I came from "the South" , had all the vet stuff done and have no heart worms. I weigh around 15 lbs, long legs for jumping high! I am a Jack Russell terrier, with a "broken" wiry coat.

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