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Alice  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Alice made her way from North Carolina to an Upstate New York fosterhome, and she is looking for her forever home.  Better soon, because everybody here just loves this treasure.  She is around 5-6 months old, estimated because not much is known about her, she was rescued from a NC shelter.  When not playing or exploring, she is  calm.  Given regular outings she is perfectly housetrained, and she is very crate trained. 

She has a broad sway in her gait and a heavy bone structure, like one sees in large breed pups. She is now 45 lbs. She shas a rough coat , not  hair, Her breed is a bit of an enigma. Schnauzer-Terrier mix? She sure has that Irish Wolfhound/Scottish Deerhound look. and with a grey-brindle coat she may well have  Irish Wolfhound heritage. Alice loves water.


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Photos taken when she arrived. He coat was too knotted to be combed out, so she had a godawful haircut