Now I am called Sport. I am attached to my sqeaking hedgehog . And I even like Hannah my new sister.She is a doll.

May 14th 2000: Going Home!

I am called Amadeus now. I was a stray in a shelter. Now I am looking for a permanent home. Although I do like kids, I really would like a quiet home, with long walks. 
I am a medium sized dog, a lightweight, thin legs,gray shaggy coat. 
I am a quick study, maybe had a poodle in my family.
House trained of course.
Walk well on leash and also off leash.
Already fixed. 
Maybe a year or two old. 
Not a barker.
For some obscure reason I dislike small white dogs, especially small white female dogs! Maybe spurned love? 

Send me an email Amadeus@webexchange.net