Going Home!


My Stats: About 3 years old, a large wirehaired Airedale Terrier mix - (50 lbs of it).  Mixed with what?? I was born somewhere near the coast of North Carolina and ended up in a shelter for reasons unknown. Traveled to this here foster home in Upstate New York I am happy here and fit in well, and you hardly even notice that I am here. I am not trying to be a pack leader, on the contrary, I am an omega dog.  Even love my crate, and when there is no particular action anywhere including the kitchen , and there is no empty spot on a couch, I can be found curled up in the back of my crate.

I love children of all ages, and I get along with just about any dog! But I do not peacefully coexist with cats, I am kind of sneaky if I meet one outdoors. 

 I love to dip into the river, and I am allowed to run off leash because I listen like a charm, and run around in wide circles. But still  I  have to move on... There are always more of us sadly, and there is only so much room. Of course i have been fixed and tested and I am healthy.

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PS: I cannot be trusted with cats -  Prey instinct? Or Mouse Avenger? 

I go swimming even in March!



Yes, I am "pruning" the old cactus.