Annie at home!

    In late March of this year Annie travelled from WV to NJ, and she is a big success.  Although she is still a pup at the age of 11 months now, she is a well behaved young lady. With spurts of playful puppy exuberance, but mostly calm and very reasonable in her expectations: lots of good kibble to eat, a warm place to sleep, and play time out doors in the company of some  handsome boys, she loves other dogs. And ignores cats altogether. 
    Not much is known about Annie'e early puppyhood, as she was a stray and ended up in a shelter.  However judging from her bright eyes, confident personality and obvious trust in people, abuse was not part of her experience so far.
    Annie has quite big feet, which means she is not done growing.  She weighs already about 50 lbs. She is a terrier through and through, and most likely an Airdale mix.

    Annie is now auditionning for a position as Forever Dog, please make an offer!



Annie at the shelter: