3rd birthday 6-27-2011

2nd Anniversary - she looks happier every year!

1st Anniversary!




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I am retired Bronx street dog.  Look at my photos from when I came here earlier this year. That is when I ended up at the city shelter.  I was scared, and in defensive mode, and anyway, who would adopt a tough old bird like me . Not even the rescues wanted me, so I was destined to depart this world and only on my scheduled last day did I make it out of the shelter ALIVE.

Since coming to this here terrier boot camp I have been much more relaxed,  I even rolled onto my back for a belly rub while at the vet to be spayed!  I can be quite charming!   

It is ok here, but I would really much rather live in a quieter home. I get easily infected by terrier squabble and barking, it can drive me nuts. When I am in a quiet place though I change to an affectionate, calm, funny dog with just a touch of terrier feistiness. The terrier lover's dog.

I am around 7 years old, maybe 8, judging from my eyes that are no longer as bright as they used to be when I was young. I am healthy, gained some weight, have no trouble with my joints or any of that wear and tear that over weight pampered dogs often suffer from at my age. So maybe there is hope for a life as a terrier's lovers dog!  Taking walks, looking out of the window, sitting on the deck, getting lots of belly rubs, learning endearing tricks! 

If I were only a year or two old, I think I might  be "theatrical material" - like two of the terriers who went through this terrier boot camp and now belong to Paul Goldie:   Cooper  (who was  Bronx stray like me) and Candy ( who came from South Carolina.

I am waiting patiently. 

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This was right after I came here in spring.  I was cautiously happy. It was quite a  change from surviving in the Bronx as a tough terrier with street smarts. Trying to get food and a bit of fun in life while being alert and watching my rear and protecting myself.  I have had a few litters of pups over the years, don't even want to think about them.   Since I know the "sit" command and am pretty much house trained, I probably spent time in someone's home, when I was not  hanging out in the streets.