Aristotle as he is now called, was rescued from a remote Georgia Animal Control Facility.  He was injured, draggin g his left hindleg, thin and weary.
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With much TLC,  good food and fun and games with doggie friends he has again become a happy Lab.  His personality is still calm, laid back with an almost philosophical "Wait and See" observing attitude.  He is submissive like a pup, and listens to any name! Bright white teeth which date him to be 12 - 18 months old.   Crate trained, housetrained, loves other dogs.  His leg does not seem to be painful, he puts pressure on it, runs up and down stairs  like a whirlwind, and races full speed when playing outside.  Since it is an old injury (healed fracture ) - no treatment is needed or indicated now.  He is not a working dog but looks forward to a life of companionship and loyalty - being a loved family member.

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At the Coweta Animal Control - as a stray with no where to go but..