What am I ? Just a pup of 9 months, but already I have a  "record":   I  LOVE my toys and play,play,play.. But I also  "guarded" my toys  - and my food too - from other dogs, and yes, even from children!  Yes, I even bit a child once or twice. A trainer said this can be changed, but I got kicked out anyway from  my first home in North Carolina.   I now live in a foster home with a bunch of mostly ex-renegades. I  am still on my best behavior after a few weeks! I extend my paws, sit, listen to my name, go into my crate when asked to! As a matter of fact, I treasure my crate, It is my castle. Of course I know that house breaking thing. I am well adjusted now to live in a terrier home like this here foster home.   

I am healthy, had more than enough "shots" already and had the fix done. I am small, only about 20 lbs, does not look like I will grow much. My breed mix is mysterious. I have a soft long coat and a proudly curled up fluffy tail. My colors are grey,tan,beige,black and some white. I might have a Keeshond in my family. And maybe some terrier ?Airdale. One of a kind. 

I am going into cyberspace, just in case you are looking for a little renegade to make you laugh and warm your feet.  

Anyways, as they say up here North, look me over!  And watch my video!

I have a new name!! Bailey - like "Hang down your head John Bailey!" - new life new name...

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