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More toys than a dog can dream of......






  Barnaby is in foster care in Upstate New York 

Who am I?  A hound - like a Bassett Hound? A Wirehaired Terrier? I have these crooked feet, which give me great stability, because I love to race like a terrier. I don't howl, and I don't sing. And really the only hound  part in my design are my feet!  

I was saved from an early end in a NC pound.  My brother Barney already found a good home, and I hope you see me soon so we can take long walks together.

I am about a year old, calm when locked into my crate ,although I think I might be calm enough to be free in the house as long as someone is keeping an eye on me, because I still have a lot of puppy-mischief that might get me into trouble when I go looking for something to keep me busy.

I love people and I am very respectful and , yes, obedient! I also love other dogs. And cats? What cats? I don't even notice a cat.

So fill up your tank and drive up here or down here and take me home!

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Email: Barnaby@Rescueadopt.com

If you have to ask, yes, I am "fixed" ad I weigh 30 lbs

Barnaby's Shelter Photo



at the pound