All in the family!

"Play Date" with Mack - a friend from NY bootcamp. 

Find the Rescue Rabbitt!



Miss Daisy Potbelly - not sure yet...





Early morning rounds


 I'll never understand how our owner could drop us off at a very crowded shelter in South Carolina - Charlotte and me. We were terrified, except we still had each other to cling to. Until the shelter made the decision to give Charlotte some more time, but not me since black dogs rarely get adopted where we came from. Especially large black dogs. But the staff did not have the heart to separate us, Charlotte was so miserable, so they gave me another week. And surely we would both have died the following week, if they had not sent out a plea on the internet to save us. That is how we were rescued and brought to this here foster home. Charlotte  has already found a  wonderful home of her own. Charlotte is a Pointer. I might be a wirehaired Pointer,too, or maybe a large Labradoodle - 65 lbs last time I checked... I am neither interested in the river behind the house nor in the ducks and other birds that are starting to arrive from the South. No hunting-, prey or retrieving instinct in me! 

I am no trouble at all here, calm, obedient, you could call me submissive. All I want is run a few large laps a few times/day, and then play some on the deck, or just hang out with the other dogs here. And when I can, put my big head onto someone's knees adoringly. Of course I am housetrained, fixed, and yes, I don't have heartworms either.

Still, only the "unadoptable" renegades usually end up staying in this foster home, so I really should let you know : I am here!!


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