Barney brought home a skunk who had to be evicted by force

What skunk?

It's been a year! And it's my birthday..


Barney was born in Georgia and rescued for certain death in a gas chamber in early 2003. He was one of the few pups we were able to bring North. He was soon adopted. However recently his owner was transferred to a far away place and could not take him along. So Barney was delighted to come back.  And start all over looking for that forever home. He is a happy dog, always smiling. Quiet, loves other dogs. He loves to run and be chased by the terriers here, outsmarting them by changing direction like a rabbit. When finally caught, he rolls on his back and one can almost hear him squeak with joy while being pummeled by the pack. All good natured play. He listens well when called , is housetrained, and he LOVES food. Having become quite chubby since he left in 2003, he has already slimmed down visibly just by running. So we are looking for an active owner(s).

What breed? Most definitely has a Corgi parent, and likely he has a Labrador in the family as well. He is neutered and  healthy.

Barney loves children, but would probably be too active for kids under 6.

Barney is in fostercare in New York State.

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Barney in early 2003, had just come from Georgia.