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Barney, now ROGER, with his brother Bogart, who was born in Georgia




We travelled! My brother Fred and me. And we hear that we are a cool looking pair! I am leggy, only about 8 months old, he is stocky, maybe a few minutes younger than me. I am gentle, laid back, and so sweet when someone pays attention to me. He is outgoing and so funny, and also a sweet guy.

We ended up n a NC pound, guess we grew up from cute little pups so off we went to the shelter. I wonder : Did the people who knew us from little pups and then threw us aut, did they  know that after a  grace period we were going to die in a gas chamber? Hardly anyone adopts dogs like us, and only due to the kindness of Animal Control who posted our pictures did we get out alive.. 

Now we are filling out our ribs and then we each are looking for a home where we can be part of the family for a long time, forever.

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