Bart and friends CAMPING!

Sleeping in after a week of  hard work...

After a hard day's work


Bart : 9 lbs of Spirit!  Never tired, favorite spot high up on chairs surveying his new surroundings.  Racing when there is movement near or in the kitchen, his tail wagging furiously. He has a great attitude, of course thinks he is a big dog.  Playful with other dogs,  and seems to know the difference between in and outdoors  He has been neutered and a few teeth had to go, but now he is in top form and ready!  For a forever home. 

Not much is known about his past as he he was dumped in front of a a vet's office in WV. They cared for him and made sure he would have a chance of living the 2nd part of his life in a safe,caring home. Bart's age is an estimated  around 8 years.  He has perfect vision, and excellent hearing,too! He can jump a 3 foot fence - not that he would ever run away. Just to prove than he can.


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