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I am a hound dog!   A black Beagle.  A miniature Black Labrador. Ended up in a shelter (they thought I might be a Cocker Spaniel mix). Born  in WV where I spent most of my first year of life without much attention from humans. That is why it has taken me some time to react to people like other dogs.  I am still  scared of strangers.  Once I know people I am a real love bug, I soak up attention and affection.

I am very housetrained! And I even like my crate, especially if I find a treat or two in there.  When I am outside I do follow my nose, so I must have a fence or be on a leash at all times... Of course they had me fixed and all that. 

I could be your little hound!!


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BASIL is in fostercare in New York State


I can point!