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WHY? How could anyone believe that I was a stray? I will never walk more than 10 steps away from a person, at least outdoors. I love to cuddle and don't mind being carried around, although I am perfectly capable of taking a decent walk. I also have been housetrained way back when I was young, you can tell because I know exactly what to do when I am outside. I have been here in this fosterhome for almost 3 months now, and my personality has not changed a bit: I am easy going, happy, affectionate, NOT opinionated or determined to get my way. As a matter of fact I rarely ever even bark, and whine a bit only if I really have to get out or if I am so hungry and there is a smell of home cooked food in the air!

I recently had a few teeth pulled and some other fix done, and I am healthy and could go to a wonderful home if there might be one for a senior Chihuahua.  Small dogs live long! 

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