Boy, it is cold here. I am getting used to run and play in the nose high snow, but after five minutes I am glad there is a heated house right nearby and the door opens for me! 

I grew up in South Carolina, ended up in a shelter. You can look at my shelter pictures here. 
The shelter staff and volunteers really care about us homeless  dogs and do everything they can to make sure we do not have to die. They sent me North to this here foster home!

I am a little guy, 25 lbs. I look like a puppy for all you know, but I am really fully grown and an adult. 2 - 3 years old - you can tell by my back teeth, they are not as white as a puppy's teeth.

 I am healthy and happy, the only thing is I have heartworms. I have been getting some medicine  - - - - Heartguard - that kills all the baby heartworms in the bud. And because I am rather young, the few adult heartworms will die of "old age" -yeah! In 2-3 years they will all be dead. I have to take Heartguard every month now, and all year round. I already had two, and they taste good!

I am housetrained and I don't mind quiet time in my crate, but I really don't need to be crated. Because I am no longer a puppy, I don't get into trouble. 

Of course I had that fix and all "shots" . What breed? Black Beagle or Miniature Lab.
I love other dogs and I am gregarious and love people! 

So if you are looking for a grown up, low maintenance pup, that is me!

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