2008 - I have a new name - RILEY- 


 and I live the life of Riley!!


Going Home!


Fred  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I will never understand why suddenly one day I was dumped at a shelter in North Carolina. I am a good beagle, rarely ever heard of, prefer being in the house to being outdoors although I do enjoy a walk now and then.  Of course I love food. But I also love to play and romp with other dogs and work off the calories.  Cats? Whatcats? 

How old? Let's say I am over 8. But don't call me senior, I am a mature adult and wiser for it..

 Just add it all up:

  • lots of personality, wisdom and intuition
  • stamina without an excessive need for exercise

Still, I am realistic: I am a dog for the Beagle Lover.  Once you love a beagle you understand. 

So please if you would want to meet me for possible adoption, please send an email to: Beagle-Fred@Rescueadopt.com and Please click here to send an adoption application




Take that picture already, or my neck will become unscrewed!


Big buddy Sparky. She is a Catahoula dressed in hound camouflage

These were taken a while ago.I have slimmed down!