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Going Home!

Read Here about North Carolina Pound Dogs in need of Rescue

Benjamin  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Just got here. Sprung from a NC pound. My great fortune that a rescuer walked in the day my ex owners dumped me at that pound.  Don't know why,  may be I did not fit into their color scheme.. Now I am safe.  And  you can see me and decide that, yes,  I am your kinda dog!  Bright, if I may say so myself, calm when I am contained, like in a crate or on a lap, and quick as a fox when allowed to move around freely. Love other dogs, especially my buddy Gill. Cats? what cats. 

On the small side, but not too fragile. about 18 lbs. Young, mabe 2, maybe 3 years old? Multi Color, low maintenance, permanent haircut that does not need Groomingdales visits. So what else can you ask for?

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Moving Object - you need a sports lens to catch me