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Bo - now called Riley, living the life of Riley!





Bo  is in foster care in Upstate New York 

I can wiggle out of any wired crate - but the closed plastic ones are pick proof - with some extra gear attached to the door. The reason, I am told, I need to be in an (extra large) crate when alone is " for my own protection". I think it is also for the protection of "stuff" that I may get busy with when alone and bored. Such as a pillow or anything that looks and feels "stuffed".  Of course I can counter surf just about anywhere and am being forced to restrain myself even if it is full of edible stuff. I can and have jumped off a deck. But since I have not yet figured out to get back up onto the deck, I have not jumped in a while. All I do is balance on top of the deck enclosure, just for fun and bravado, and then I jump back onto the deck.  I think I have become too comfortable and even lazy to jump. I would rather take walks in human company and with my buddies here. But you better keep me on a long lead when not in a fenced in area, because when I hear or see anything unusual I might walk over to investigate. Probably get bored and come home eventually, but since I spent much of my first year in a remote North Carolina country site, I am not street smart I am afraid.
I was born in in the Midwest. Then relocated to North Carolina, and then our owner turned us into a shelter, guess too many dogs.  My little brother McIver already has a wonderful home. Like me, he hates to be confined in a crate and does a "Houdini". But he is doing just fine because he does not have to spend much time in his crate since someone is almost always at home. I hope I can find such a place to live forever myself.
Being a large dog -I weigh about 70 lbs- I move around in a dignified manner except when playing and chasing another dog. I am also quiet and peaceful indoors, and of course house trained. Healthy to boot, heartworm negative. I you have to ask: yes, neutered.. I might have broken my left front paw some time ago, but it is healed , just a little crooked. 
I get along well with other dogs. When there is a terrier squabble, I step in and call to order with a bark or two. Cats? What cats?  However outdoors I do take second looks at wildlife on wings and might give a little chase. I am watchful and have an impressive bark, but with a visitor who has been welcomed in the house, I am amicable and a charmer. So if I seem to be your kind of dog and you would want to come and take me for a walk,

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PS:  In NC my name was Beauregard. For a while I was called Bing , but that name did not stick,.. I really like the sound of Bo -  so now I listen to Booo.

PPS: What breed I am? I think both McIver and myself are a new breed.  Nobody can find any breed standard quite like ours.  There mighht be some Schnauzer, maybe a Briard or a Bouvier in our gene pool.  For size maybe be a Wolfhound?


That was me when I first came from NC and before I got the boot camp hair cut

I do shed...

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My little brother McIver