March 2002

Bread sticks for Lunch?

Saint Bogart - Patron of Bronx Strays


                                                                   <----- Nikki

On the move

Bacall and Bogart

Bogie now lives  happily with Jean and Gramer  in Florida. They travelled by train and car for a week to "fetch" him and bring him home. With mom and sister Nikki. also a rescue dog.

I am Bogart - Bogie short - a wiry terrier, came from NYC shelter, was a stray. I have gone through the terrier bootcamp and am now ready to take on a new life. I would make a good companion. I am the silent type. I look like a butler, courteous, dignified, still firm and at times stubborn, in short, a lot of character. I could get the newspaper, all kinds of tricks I could learn. I am about 2 year old, so what you see is what you get. About 35 lbs.Housebroken! 
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Sorry it takes so long to load , but I am so photogenic - they could not decide which photos to put up, so they put them all up. Now why dont they just make a movie?
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