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10-06  Weekly play date at the dog park!


4 Mile Hike? Just warming up for the next 5 miles.


New life, new name: Bogart!
Was a stray,horse pad and all I ended up at the pound-click .
Shelter called me Scruffy, which is a good name for the happy stray I was.
Now I am in this here "Terrier Boot Camp" and getting a bit of polish, because I am a diamond in the ruff!  

I love everyone.  I am a leaner, I know my place in the pack, strictly underdog when it comes to people.

What breed? I have a wiry "rough" coat that grows to a certain length, beard and eyebrows and all.  Low maintenance.  Might have Border Collie heritage along with some wirehaired breed.  Long legs, about 40 lbs. And a herding streak with a commanding border collie "stare".  And when another dog gets too direct with me, I will herd him with playful leg tug, that gets him in line. Fascinated by cats. Hear cats cannot be herded though, so I just stare at them.  Love to run, and when accidentally  or rather on may part luckily, I get to run off leash, I run in wide circles, far off territory, but will come after a little while. However i am not allowed to "run away" because I could end up being roadkill, nah.

So from the above you will see that

  • I need a home with a fence and space to run
  • I am not a dog who would easily mingle with small children except if they are already Border Collie trained (the kids that is)
  • I need some structure and discipline, and maybe even a purpose (like learning to gather a flock or train for agility) so I can finally grow up.  I am smart enough for any of these.

I am around 3 years old, fixed and healthy of course.

Turns out, now that my feathers have mostly grown back and I have filled out, I am quite photogenic if I may say so myself!   So after all, I am living up to my name: Bogart, like Humphrey.  My eyes are glued to that lens up there.  

Please click here for an adoption application

"Kid Policy"
BOGART is in fostercare in New York State.

How did I get into this loop?