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Bogart is in foster care in Upstate New York 

I wanted to call this sweet dog "Phoenix",the dog who rose from the ashes:  A North Carolina rescuer went to a shelter to pull several dogs for rescue groups. When she turned around at the end of the dark corridor she noticed a dark shadow rising from the kennel floor.  A black shaggy dog quietly stood up and looked  at her, slowly wagging his tail.  She made a call and took him. But  he looks so much like a classic "Bogart"  - Border Collie plus shaggy dog mix - possibly Briard or Bouvier in the mix. 

Bogart is a big,  at times exuberant dog who is far from being an adult, yet calm and gentle in his demeanor. He walks well on leash. While having his pictures take, there was only a rare moment that he would take his eyes off the lens, and he firmly keeps eye contact while happily wagging his tail .

He already weighs 50 lbs, but seems to be done with growing.

Bogart loves other dogs, and is unfazed by cats. He loves water, ready to go swimming if only he were off leash. 


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