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Bogart  is in foster care in Upstate New York

 Don't know why I ended up in a NC shelter.  Maybe  because I am not much of a herder.

I am more of a watcher. I love to contemplate the world.  I hear Border Collies get hired to chase away ducks and flocks of birds.  I am fascinated by these birds up there in the trees and watch them quietly, following them with my eyes.  Sheep would not take me seriously, I would just play catch with them like I do with the other dogs here.  

When I meet people and they greet me, I sit down and extend a paw, and if they take it, I extend two paws.

Not much is known about my past. I am quite young, you can tell from my white teeth. Small for a Border Collie, so might be I will grow just an inch or so.

Could I be your Collie?


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