When I first came here I was so humble I crawled on my stomach when someone as much as talked to me. But after watching the other terriers and what they can get away with,  I have picked up confidence.  I am still a quiet, happy dog who wants to please. Really don't know why I ended up at the pound,  supposedly picked up as a stray.  I have good manners in the house, sit and extend my paws without even being asked to..  I must have belonged to someone who treated me well. If only I could talk and tell you what happened to me in South Carolina.

I had all that vet stuff done: fixed, no heart worms or worms of any kind in me.  

Best guess of ancestors:  Schnauzer? Border Collie?  Of course I love other dogs, I have never been heard to even growl when I eat and another terrier streaks by.   My age? I am 3 to 4 years old by vet estimate. My teeth are in good shape, my eyes are bright.  So I could have another good 10 years ahead!  Could be as your dog!!

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 a week or so later - I felt so much better!



1st day at the shelter, terrified