Happiness is Going Home!




Not too long ago I was rounded up as a stray in West Virginia and spent some time in a good shelter, but seems nobody wanted to adopt me there. I So finally the shelter got me a ride  up North and I have been in this here foster home ever since! I love the other dogs, and mostly they love me back except ever so often I get barked at by a cranky little terrier, I think it's my body language, I come across as very confident and proud, no baggage..  I don't need much "work", just a little more discipline on the leash. Fixed, no heartworms, House trained. About 30 lbs of me,.

Not sure what's in my genes:. Good guess is that there was a Border Collie, maybe also a Cairn Terrier.  I have a coat, not hair - so I am not  hypoallergenic. 

My name was Oliver, but here it is a tradition that any dog who looks like me is called Bogart, goes back to the first Bogart.  Us Bogarts love camera eyes. I am no exception, I can pose and there is a new expression every second!  

So think about , I could be your dog! Come and take me for a spin along the river.

Please send an adoption application!

Email:  Bogart@Rescueadopt.com






First pictures in early May