Bogie and Kingsley  chilling out after a hard day's work..

Bogart discovers his inner Retriever!




I was discovered in a South Jersey shelter. When I left the shelter where I had been confined for quite some time, I was convinced that a leash is strictly a tug-of-war object. And that I always win. But I am also quite intelligent if I may say so myself. One or two firm reprimands, and I got the message and grabbed a stick instead and carried it in my mouth while running in fast wide circles.  I get lots of praise for learning. I sit on command or sometimes roll on my back for a belly rub. So far I am walked on a very long leash, and I am not sure how I would walk on a regular leash, but my tog-of-war fixation is out of my system. At this pace I will be a therapy dog or an agility dog in a few weeks!  PS I am getting more "leash friendly" every day!

I get along well with any dog. If another dog is a bit too pushy, I just go my way.  Basically I a m submissive fellow,  and you would not believe how quiet and happy I am in my large crate - once I have been tricked to slip into it with a biscuit or a firm push.  No accidents in the house either. I am not a territorial tinkler when outside- if you get my drift. One long puddle, and that is it. Most of the time I still squat. 

What breed? Basic Border Collie with at least one wirehaired breed? Griffon? Schnauzer?

How old?  When you see me, you would call me a slightly overgrown pup, at about 50 lbs.  About 2 years old and not about to grow up!  but  I have almost perfectly white teeth. Anyway, terriers do not grow up until age 8, so that makes me a  "Iuvenile".

I am fixed and healthy, hw negative- and vaccinated.

Now I have to look for a permanent home sooner or later. I think I would be a little too strong and enthousiastic at this stage to be a good match for kids under 10, although I would never hurt one intentionally.

Please send an  adoption application so we can meet!


Bogart is in foster care in NY State.


Molly - she claims to be "Feral"!