Free to Run, what rain?





Nash -named after the North Carolina County where I was found as a stray. I was terrified of human touch, but never ever aggressive. I would either freeze or run. So I was a "specialneeds" dog and traveled to this here fosterhome in Upstate NY. Here my real "inner" dog has evolved! I love people, love dogs, love everything edible and have become the mischiveous 8 lb Shitzu I was born to be, before someone in Nash did a job on me.. 

 I am about 2 years old, in good health, no worms of any kind anywhere, of course had the snip, and I am slowly getting ready to meet my new and forever person(s). 

I am still nervous when someone approaches fast or tries to grab me, then I still either freeze , or more likely run these days. But when I meet a person who is in tune with a scared little guy like me, I start nuzzling their hand, even pulling a finger and play. Since I am in a foster home with a bunch of feisty old terriers , I play rough with dogs, but always fun and good natured. 

I am not a nervous barker at all, but if I see or hear something out of the usual, I will be vocal and alert. After all , Shitzus are by nature guard dogs, or rather "Watch Dogs".  I love to sit on a chair looking out of the window, announcing the UPS man.

I just had a cooling bath, it is close to 90 degrees here in NY, and now I have the new wet look. I don't mind being brushed, bathed or clipped.  Without regular brushing I would again become encased in wool - scroll all the way down to see how I looked when living as stray in  North Carolina.  There is also a photo of when I was shaved down.

So now you know that I am a "special" little dog. There is a person for every dog and a dog for every person!


PS: Lately I have listening to a new name: Bogart, or Bogie! I actually like that name better.








Day one in NY fosterhome

The way I was found in North Carolina