Do I look like Saint Byron? Almost. Other than being "determined" - or someone might call it "thick headed" when I feel very strongly about an issue. Such as being locked into a crate for hours. I do love the outdoors! And I love to perch on a higher location so I can survey my surroundings. That is the guard dog in my genes. On the other hand I am one of the nicest dogs when it comes to meeting strangers or testy dogs or teasing cats. Boy, I could be a perfect family dog. I never ever growl. I am so respectful towards people. 
Where I came from? I was "seized" -someone forgot me in a NYC apartment - sounds familiar? Yes, it seems we come in bunches, you might have seen good old Casper who had the same fate, and also Leo who was adopted -yeah!  Left in an empty appartment, then had to wait for a month in case someone would  come to look for us. 
So now I am looking for a family, a person, someone who appreciates a smart,calm, determined dog. 
I am no trouble at all, House trained, eat just about anything -love food, my middle name is  "Hoover" because I clean  up all the crumbs that fell in between the cracks.
The vet guestimated my age to be seven. I am quite healthy, sturdy, fixed. Lhasa dog. 
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At the pound where he lived for 6 weeks waiting for his owner