RUDY - aka Calvin Q!



I am called Calvin.  Calvin Q. Probably because of my elegant tweed coat- Blue Merle style. I probably got it from an Autralian Shephard parent. The rest of me is Black Lab,though. I am rather small, weigh 38 lbs and am fully grown - I am already 2 years old. I am affectionate and a real schmoozer. I grew up in Queens. Someone brought me to the shelter on 10/18, not my owner. I was very thin and malnourished.  Could it be that my owner did not survice the WTC attack? We will never know. You can tell I was someone's pet. , I listen, I sit, am crate trained and most likely housetrained, although I don't have the run of a house here.  I am fine with other dogs. But you can tell I grew up as an only dog,  I am a little laid back when I first meet other dogs, but now I have learned to play.

I need a new owner. Please think it over, maybe you  or someone you know could use a  small  black lab with a cattle dog suit.  I don't need much space, I don't bark. All I need is a walk or two every day, and who does not?

Please send me an Email and an application!

Calvin Q