Happy Tales

I am a hound dog who does not howl, does not hunt, loves every living creature. When I meet a cat I try to get it to play with me.
I am about a year old now, and really still a pup. But I hope at 45 lbs I am done growing. 
I hear I am  Bavarian Mountain Hound. Rare breed! How did I end up in New Jersey then? Maybe someone bought me and had me shipped from Bavaria to NJ? And when I did not want to hunt,  dumped me at a shelter . That's where a kind person saw me and rescued me. I was so scared, but then I was a happy hound, I lived with a family and was allowed to sleep in the kids' beds. So what's wrong with that?? 
I admit I am a little spoiled now and not all that happy in a crate, But being a hound pup I still look for things to chew on, so I cannot be left alone - yet.
I am quite housetrained if you have to ask, and fixed, and vaccinated, and also on hw prevention.

So please, if you are looking for a new family hound, send me an E-Mail to:

Please send an adoption application



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