Diamond in the Ruff, that is me.  Need some polish so I can sparkle.  Lots of energy. Intense and athletic, yes, I have no clue how to walk on leash, but I am ready to learn!  I am affectionate, too.
    As far as housetraining, I know that already.  Also crate trained. 
    I get along with other dogs, and I LOVE female dogs even more than male dogs, if you know what I mean.  I am only about a year or two, a 25 lb athlete, ready to run and play at short notice. What breed?  I have a coat, not hair, and have that crown on my head that you see in terriers like JR's and Kerry Blues, but I must be a few generations removed from a pure bred dog. maybe some Cairn? Mixed with a Schnauzer?  Schnoodle?  Cairnoodle?
    Thoroughbred TERRIER, that's all..
    Please send an adoption application

    More  information about poor Calvin aka Shaggie's previous life  in WV has become available: He was one of 5 dogs, left tied outdoors  and finally abandonned for weeks, until seized and impounded by Animal Control officers. However Calvin is very house trained, so he most likely grew up inside a home and ended up in deep trouble together with his dog buddies. This also explains his initial fear of people, which in due time turns into devotion, submissive tailwagging  and back rolling once he knows he can trust a human friend.  He does not appear to have been abused, just badly neglected. And he is easily scared, tail under his butt when he meets strangers. Makes it not easy to introduce him to potential adopters.  But we are sure when the right one comes along he will know it. 

    Please Note
    We rarely adopt terriers to families with full time children  (as opposed to visiting ) under 10.