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Calvin is in foster care in Upstate New York


It is me again, I am BACK! Actually I never left, just disappeared from the web while I had a big photo shoot today! Hope you have broad band! So you don't loose patience while looking at me.

Case you don't know me from a rabbit foot: I am (probably) a Cockapoo. Lived the first year of my life tied up more or less in someone's back yard in WV. So I am not used to much attention, I right away roll onto my back if someone actually talks to me. I am friendly with everyone,  but I am not in-your-face - all-over-you, if you know what I  mean. I know my place. I am just a dog, a back yard dog until not so long ago. But I am learning fast. I hang around when outside, and my favorite spot is right next to a human. 

I have been fixed if you have to ask. READY to look for my forever home.

Maybe we click?? Could we meet? I am in Upstate New York in this here fosterhome now. You would have to come here to meet me. Then maybe  I could go home with you...


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The adoption fee is 300 Dollars which covers vet expenses and rescue expenses