Calvin now belongs to a Presbyerian Minister. Nomen es Omen,,


I am a hound with a direction:  North!  Not long ago I was abandonned in the woods of West Virginia, with buck shot pellets in my legs. Barbour County shelter  took me to their vet, and then nursed me back to health.  Vet said I was lucky, none of the pesky munition had become lodged in my body. I am as good as new.
Now I am in NY - in the company of pesky terriers.  All of us are looking for good homes. Like my cousins  from WV , Jacob and Joshua. I would travel even further North, should you want to adopt me! I would love to stretch out on an LL Bean dog bed next to you while you relax near the fireplace. 
I am a humble dog.  Not much heard of, but when I raise my voice, it is a melodic Southern drawl.  Nice contrast to the yackediyack of those local terriers here.  Walking on leash is still a work in progress, but I am obliging and try to pace my steps.
I am past the silly iuvenile stage, 3 to 4 years old.  I could put in many years of faithful family hound. I am not into "things" and could be trusted around the house, but I do not mind staying in a large crate either. 
So could I become your faithful hound?