Calm, mellow  and affectionate, what a waste it would have been had he perished in a Georgia pound.
He was thin and his coat too matted and tangled to be saved.
When grown back in a few months he will again have a wavy shiny black coat.
And he hopes his person(s) will find him here in cyberspace long before his coat has grown back, and take him home!
His estimated age is 1 -2  years, he weighs about 30 lbs and will probably not grow much.
He is incredibly sweet and well behaved, seems to have been used to occupy a small corner on a couch. Does not meet a dog he does not like.  He knows exactly what to do outdoors.  What breed? He may be a Schnauzer-Poodle cross, or possibly a Schnauzer-PWD cross. 
Calvin has regained some weight and is healthy now that he gets plenty of good food.  He has been neutered, he is heart worm negative. 

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