I am a Cattle Dog - but that not mean I cannot be happy without a herd or work. Being quite smart if I may say so myself, I enjoy a lot of other activities. Such as playing with a bunch of frisky dogs, or being a real ham when I see a camera lens! I love being indoors and behave in a very civilized manner! 

But before I ended up in a shelter I probably spent much time outdoors, and so it happened that I got infected with pesky heart worms. However, because I am young, not much more than 2 years old if that much, and more likely than not have only a few if any real big worms floating in my circulation, I will not need the injections to kill all the worms at once. Rather I will be treated conservatively with year round Ivermectin  -and the adult worms will die of  "Attrition"  - in about 2 - 3 years they will all be gone.  (Being a cattle dog I of course read up on that and came across this book:  http://www.oldcountryvet.com/  My kind of vet!). 

If I get adopted, that is what my owner should also want to do.  No cattle drive for me, only play and fun and being a good buddy! I am calm, have yet to be heard barking - of course there is no lack of that here, so no need for me be vocal. I doubt though that I am guard dog material. Nor agility - I am more into athletics if any sport is considered for me. If you ask me, I am perfectly happy with a few short fast walks or brisk runs , and the rest of the day running on idle! 

I am up to snuff on everything, and of course had that fix done. So nothing stands in the way of me going to my for ever home, if you happen to see me in cyber space!

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Never heard of "cattle dog" ? Watch this: Skidboot