I am Cameron. But I am a girl! Someone missed the class about the bees!  I like my name, so I am still Cameron, or you can call me Cammie, or Camelot.
I just travelled here from a good WV shelter.  I am a big girl, vet thought I am 2 years old, but everyone who knows me thinks I am a big pup. 45 lbs.  I have ebony teeth.
I have one blue and ooe bordercollie-brown eye. My personality is more that of an Aussie, calm in the house, outside circling around people and running short rounds. I do have Border Collie looks,too, like my feathery tail and the white coat.
I love other dogs, and don't ask me to chase geese. Actually, I am no workoholic like some on my Border Collie relatives. Rather I  like to stretch out on the carpet and even spend time in my large crate - door open.

I am in a fosterhome now, in Upstate New York. When I arrived a week ago, I felt immediately at home, no luggage to unpack.  Whistle or say "Cam"  - I  stop in my tracks and run back to you.

Still, although I am so happy here, it seems I have to look for a forever home. Because there are always more dogs like me who need a chance to find their forever home.

Could you be my person? 



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Cameron is in fostercare in New York State

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i'll   see you around and around and around and around...