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Yes, I know. I am more than CUTE.  All my life I heard that I am so ADORABLE. 
Then one day when I was about 8 years old my owner took me to a big city pound. Said: not good with children.  I was scared. And I could not hurt a child even if I wanted to.  I am tinier than your average cat.  I have only a few teeth left,  had 2 teeth pulled and the ones I have are not heavy duty teeth.. Still can eat anything. 

I can put on a bit of a macho show if I feel that is needed to prove that I am a big dog in a very small package. 
Because of my shaggy (silky)  coat the shelter thought I was a ... terrier.  Hah.  Chihuahua!  A breed apart from any other breed. A Long Haired Chihuahua. But then again, I do love the snow, I take my routine extended walk in heavy snow. Show me a Chihuahua who likes to have his feet wet! 

Although I get along fine with other dogs big and small, I hang out by myself usually.  And I don't like to be confined. I am very neat, so no need to confine me. And of course - if I may say so myself - I am smart. 

So in summary: 
I am a mature,  smart, neat, somewhat opinionated, featherlight Chihuahua/Terrior,  who is not suited as a kids' toy, but would love to be an adult's devoted buddy.

Please send an adoption application

If you have to ask, yes, I am fixed and I am very healthy.

We would like to place Casper into a home within a 2 hour maximum drive from Paramus NJ. This could include CT, certain parts of PA, NY State and of course most of NJ


I do not like the limelight and the camera eye. So in order to get a photo that does me justice, I received a treat - and below you see me finishing the last crumb of that treat.