I am Casper!   And just about the most mellow of dogs this side of the Himalayan mountains.  Peaceful and quiet. At the same time I am also  persistent in some important areas, such as not wanting to be locked out for "exercise". I will work the door until I am let back in. 
I am also a funny dog, a clown. I actually can laugh with a combination of whimsical look in my eyes and a slow tail wag.
I am thought to be 7 years old.  Left in a NYC apartment -my owner has not been heard of!  I had been  treated well, who knows why my owner had to leave me behind. 
Now us small dogs live long, with decent care, good food and moderate exercise.  My coat needs care,too. or I will look like a Hobo. 
I need a good home, I am in a temporary holding pattern right now.  I am happy, but I could use more TLC and individual attention if you know what I mean.  In return I would be a calm, quiet and soft little dog,  undemanding.  Not particularly watchful either.  Love everyone, ans also love other dogs and cats.
When taken outside regularly I will do my business outdoors. 

So if you are looking for a funny, affectionate yet undemanding softie of a dog, I may be your dog!

Please send an adoption application