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Charlie has been adopted!


Charlie  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Am I a black sheep? A reverse Jack Russell terrier? Because everything in m and about me is JR. Except my colors don't conform.

Background? All I can say is that whoever owned me moved away in a hurry and just left me behind in an apartment in Ohio. Along with a  friendly boxer female.

Charlie is my new name,my old name is not known. And yes, I am a GIRL! And yes, my tail has been cropped.

I am still young adult, in people years I am in my thirties... Just a tiny bit on the chubby side, I think it's because I lived in a city apartment and did not get much exercise.

I shake paw and sit in a hurry when asked.

So now I need a good home. With or without agility, because what counts most for me is belonging to a person who would never just leave me behind. I am family. 


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