My name is Charlotte. I came with that name to the shelter in South Carolina.  But you can call me Charlie, or maybe Greta!  My owner dropped me off at the shelter, together with Barnaby (who is quite a bit larger than me) . Of course we were scared and huddled together.  Inseparable. We were rescued together, got a ride North (switching cars every 50 miles or so  - all the way to this here foster home! 

Of course we are still very close to each other, but we have separate crates. We often play on the deck, but we walk separately.  Seems that I am the more independent one. Might be because I am a  female "left brain" and have already figured out that life is good and we are safe even without having each other right near by.  I don't know whether were are siblings, we sure don't look much alike. But we came from the same home and probably have been together since we were pups.  Which is not that long ago, because I am probably less then a year old. 

Yes, I am very house trained, and of course crate trained! I love other dogs, was too shy to get close to them on the first day or two, but now I weave around the other dogs  and flirt with them. Barnaby still prefers to watch them from a distance.

I weigh about 35 lbs, gaining weight now and might be 40 lbs soon. You can call me petite.  At the shelter they said I am a Border Collie mix - guess my owners said so. But I also might have some pointer in my genes.  

Not used to walking on leash, but I respond immediately when pulled back, and actually have a dignified, calm walk. Sometimes I stop for a little "pointing" -one front leg lifted. But I am not getting worked up about scents, and there are many out here in the country-rabbits, beaver, deer - you name it.

The river does not interest me, although I  stood for a while watching the strong current, a little scary I thought. Definitely not a water bird dog.  Unlike some Pointers or Border Collies who are high on energy,  I have lots of "couch" potential, even foot warming talent!

We are  going in to have a fix done in 3 days. We are not really looking to leave this foster home any time soon , but might just as well let you all out there in cyber space know:  I am Here!

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At the shelter