Vacation on Martha's Vinyard! Cooper prefers land.



I am a happy dog . Being part Golden Retriever that comes naturally . I also have a more pensive, calm side to me, that must me the Chow heritage (my tongue is a light violet shade). Smart Chow, mellow sweet Golden.

My favorite spot, beside of course the kitchen, is sitting on the back porch in the evening and surveying the landscape!  When I discover motion anywhere across the river or in a neighbor's garden, I briefly sound my impressive bark, but I never work up a sweat when doing that, and I stop right away when things turn out to be routine or just a duck.

I have been fixed and starting to look for my forever home! I am between a year and two years old with white teeth and bright eyes -and of course the bushy tail! I walk really well on leash, wagging tail and staying  close, hardly need to be on a leash. Since A few months ago I tested positive for heartworm, but since I am a young dog, I don't have to go through the aggressive heart worm treatment.  I hear that all I need is year round heart worm medication and that takes care of all the young heartworms, while the few adults will just die of old age over the next few years. 

I like other dogs. If I meet an in-your-face dog I will put them in their place with a few rough words, just to show that I am not a push over and like to keep  peace and order around me.

Although I really like it here, and I don't take up much space or attention, I am also letting it be known that I could move on and become your dog!

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