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Lately my tail has been up almost all the time. But when I first arrived at this here foster home, I had that "guilty" look, eyes downcast, tail mostly tucked in . And I was very quiet so that I would not appear to be  "mischievous". I am only a pup, around a year, and I love to play and sometimes also grab something to chew on. If I cannot find another dog's tail to play with.

I was born in South Carolina, and not long ago I ended up in a shelter there. Good for me, the shelter does a lot to find us a rescue further north, and so one day very early in the morning the staff "loaded"  21 of us into a big white van - you can see the photos here  and drove us all the way to Scranton PA! 

Of course I am all up to snuff on vaccine, fixing and heartworm prevention. I am average in size, around 40 lbs, and my coat is a frizzy rough curly type, not hair, I have a permanent Poodle look without the fuss of grooming. To top it off, I have some strands of pearly-silver hair on my back. Looks like I spent hours at Groomingdales to get my coat "frosted".  If you ask me,  I think I am a Poodle Retriever cross, maybe a Silverback Doodle. I have not tested the river behind the house, just too cold right now.  I am very neat in the house and in my crate. And I love other dogs.

Because I have a coat and not hair, I am not considered "hypoallergenic" like dogs with hair such as poodles. Their hair keeps growing and needs to be trimmed ever so often. 

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