Zevon  (aka Curly) with his clan!







Curly was recently rescued from a rural WV shelter.  He must have  been someone's  well - loved pet.  However  in recent months he apparently was neglected, encased in a knotted long coat.  Still even then he remained sweet and  amicable. When his coat came off he was noticably relieved and gratefully licked the groomer's hands.  Now, in a fosterhome, he has blossomed into a playful puppyisch little fellow with a passion for tennisballs.  Small as he is - weighing about 12 lbs, he nevertheless manages to carry a tennisball in his mouth. Because his teeth are misaligned and  maloccluded, giving him a bulldog look. He was born that way and does not know any different, can eat anything.  When gently taking a treat his mouth opens like a big door. And of course he has not problem carrying a tennisball. He runs to fetch it and comes back for more.

Curly is  4-5 years old. Definitely a Poodle mix: smart, quick and  playful. . Maybe mixed with an Affenpinscher or maybe he is a Pekapoo.  

Whatever he is, Curly is a gem who for unknown reasons lost a good home and ended up in a shelter.  Now he looks for  a wonderful forever home where he will be spoiled. It will not get to his head, Curly will always be a humble little dog who waits in the back ground and watches for cues .  He loves people and other animals . No baggage, not a bit possessive. He loves his crate and he walks nicely on a leash. He has been neutered. 

Email: Curly@Rescueadopt.com

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The adoption fee is 300 Dollars which covers vet expenses and rescue expenses.






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