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At the shelter I was said to have "no issues". Perfect little guy. Respectful, obedient and affectionate if someone pets me.  Except I am not a youngster.  Estimated  7  1/2 years old.  Still have bright eyes. Healthy. Busybody when other dogs are around and love to play with them. Always in a good mood.  

Walk like a gentleman. Housetrained even AND crate trained although I really don't  need a crate.

My coat was shaved down it was messy, but I am growing back little lamb curls.
I am now looking for the perfect home!  I am really hoping to find someone who is home some time during the day, or can send me to doggie day camp.  I don't have separation anxiety, but I get lonely when home alone.  Maybe a dog buddy might be ok,too.  However I am not fussy. And not spoiled.  Would not mind being spoiled,though for a change. I was a stray and not well taken care of when found.

I am now in this here fosterhome in Upstate NY.  Calling New England, New York, New Jersey, CT! I am ready to travel, and without baggage. 

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Louie is in foster care in Upstate New York 

got to take care of some biz

still locating the spot

still looking

found it

cleaning up

part two