I am called Cymbeline now. I have to start all over. They think I am 12 years old. Supposedly roaming the streets of the Bronx. Do I look like I walked more than 
20 feet away from where I thought my home was?  Some home.  Guess I got dumped for a younger model.  Good for me!  Because now my person can find me in cyberspace!  Take me home.  Wash me once in a while, give me good people food!! 
Let me walk in the grass once in a while if the sun shines, because I don't like the cold. I don;t expect much in terms of luxury, not used to sleeping on a couch that is, but I prefer a soft deep pillow to a crate. 
I am small, 8 lbs.  Hope to find an email from YOU in my mailbox!

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