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Going Home!



Daisy Mae  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am a real wall flower.  At least when first coming to a new place. Even after I have been there for a few weeks I still keep in the background and let the other dogs play fiddle.  But given a chance I am a real schmoozer,too.  And a velcro dog if allowed, love to follow people around.  As far as JR athletics, well, I am a sad case in that respect because I am too scared to jump off a chair , never mind up a chair.  Not that I have a physical impairment, no, I am just afraid of heights.

Not much is known about me, and I cannot  tell.  I came from a shelter, was one of the lucky ones who got a ride North and now I am looking for a permanent home, a forever home. 

I could live with cats, other dogs and kids as long as they are not too scary.

Could I be your dog?



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