They just don't come any sweeter! A sweetheart called Dee - now.  She almost ended up in a Georgia  County Dump - after being gassed to death because she  and so  many other dogs  are no longer wanted.  Animal Control is overwhelmed by ever more dogs being abandonned or surrendered by their heartless owners.  New litters arrive daily in card board boxes. 

Up North Puppy Mills are farming puppies in horrendous conditions, producing "purebred" pups that are marred for life by the early neglect.  Even when they eventually, one out of 3, are displayed in a Pet Store with a ribbon tied into their hair, their little souls are already burned out.
At least the Southern pups do have a semblance of a more natural dog family expereince early on , even when they not getting much human attention.  Almost all the dogs in Southern shelters live their last days  in groups in small kennels, and hardly ever have anything but a playful little squabble.
Not having been mistreated - while ignored - they are often very shy, but open up gradually and turn into most devoted companions. Completely non aggressive, they will crawl for cover when scared.

Dee is about a year old, she weighs 30 lbs - looks a bit chubby, but is'a all wool.. She has a thick silky coat, a fluffy long tail, and she looks like a Border Collie. She is  of course very smart.
She is healty, has been spayed.
Dee is a dog who might fit into any loving family, including young children.
She knows the difference between indoors and outdoors, like most dogs who have spent  much time outside.

Dee is patiently waiting for a forever home!


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