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After a visit to Groomingdales.

 A hard day's work



Bon jour! I am called Dizzy!  Name is ok, but they should called me Semper Mobile. Because I am in constant motion. Not wild, but inquisitive and never bored. Maybe not Semper Fide, because I did run away somewhere in Queens, and the CACC caught me. Click here or scroll down to see my shelter photo..  Good for me, because now I am in this here terrier boot camp.  And they are still guessing what breed I am.  Got terrier ears.  Wavy hair, curled up tail, long legs, weigh 16 lbs.  Estimated age 2 years, going on 10 months. My teeth are bright white, so maybe I am really more like a year old.  My high activity and quick reflexes I must have inherited form a Jack Russell Terrier.  The half floppy ears maybe from a poodle.  I got sort of a hair cut, just to get off the worst tangles and knots.  My legs still need to be done,though.  Nobody is perfect. As far as temperament:  getting straight A's : Affectionate, listen to Any name, LOVE All dogs, although I can be too enthousiastic for an older dog who just doesn't feel like playing all the time like me.  I came neutered already.  My owner never looked for me seems.  So now I am in market for a Semper Fido home. I promise I will never take off as long as you have a fence.  I am also pretty neat in the house, not one of those guys who has to annoint every other vertical surface if ya know what I mean.

So now here is my idea of a dream home:  House with a fenced yard -not too manicured so I am allowed to play in it.  An owner who takes me to work!  I am so curious.  But then again I am realistic and would be happy to be just a housedog.

Please also send an adoption application

No, it's not a duplicate of the one up there, the devil is in the detail..